Over the years, I have guided many wonderful photographers on their creative journey to find their niche. Nothing makes me happier than to see great photographers succeed and also get paid for their talents.

Whether you are looking to expand your photography skills or interested in bringing  your creative business to life, I am there to guide the way. I offer one on one coaching or small group session that are customized to fit your needs.


creative mentoring

One and one creative mentoring will teach you how to create dynamic and stunning images. This is designed for individuals who are passionate with their photography and would love to perfect their shooting techniques with technical advice and critique of images.


business mentoring

We will start from the beginning and perfect your photography, develop a shooting style, take and edit beautiful photographs, lighting, post processing workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop and business training.

This will direct each individual into the profession and guide them towards their own successful photography business.

My Business Mentorship Program will cover areas of shooting, lighting, creativity, processing and business in 2 hours sessions. In addition to the informative workshops, out of class projects will be assigned and critiqued.


session 1 / technical shooting

session 2 / technical shooting

session 3 / light – natural, studio and flash

session 4 / creative style

session 5 / portrait set ups – family, kids and newborn

session 6 / workflow, processing images with Lightroom and Photoshop

session 7 / business

session 8 / business


It will also include 4 hours of private consultation and one specialized photo shoot. Total of 20 hours.

This mentorship involves constructive criticism and feedback; you must be willing to accept feedback with an open mind if you want to get the most out of your mentorship.


one on one custom mentoring

PRICE . $250/hr


group mentoring

PRICE . $250 per person / 2 hours Customized Class- 3 people max.


full business group mentoring package

PRICE . $2350 + GST per person / 2-3 people


one on one full business mentoring package

PRICE . $2950 + GST 


Payment plans are available. Spaces are limited.

Please call 403.547.3617 or email at